Shawn Lent's Resources for Socially Engaged Artists

For those interested in dance, movement, the arts and social justice, resources for this passion-filled niche are sometimes difficult to find. During The Dance + Social Justice Conference on Wednesday, December 7th, the NYC-based dance artist Chelsea Bonosky asked our five speakers what their first steps were to become successful, sustainably practicing artists at the intersection of movement and improving our world. Paths to this work vary and there are a considerable number of options when considering education, training and gaining experience as a volunteer, intern, employee or independent practitioner. 

Shawn Lent, a Social Practice Dance Artist and Manager with Chicago Dancemakers Forum and Createquity who was among our guest speakers, has compiled an impressive list of resources on her blog . Take a look at what she has to say about her own approach to dance and social practice, her curated list of educational and financial resources and her inspirational post-gone-viral, Am I a Dancer Who Gave Up? on the Huffington Post. 

Shawn Lent's 2016 Resources for Socially Engaged Artists

the Hewlett Foundation: Resources for Arts Organizations and Artists

From Createquity: Making Sense of Cultural Equity

Attendees of The Dance + Social Justice Conference explore the movement methodology of Gibney Dance's Community Action, an approach to self care for survivors of domestic violence in Gibney Dance studios in NYC on December 7th.