'From There to Here' Awarded Dance Films Association Production Grant

I am thrilled to announce that our dance + documentary film in the making, From There to Here, has been chosen as a recipient of the Dance Films Association Production Grant to support our post production process! 

From There to Here has been in the making since August, 2015 with the support of a  Fulbright research grant. Over a period of 10 months in Kolkata, India, our team crafted a participatory film with the dancers, human rights activists and dance therapy practitioners of Kolkata Sanved

Kolkata Sanved is a non-profit organization offering dance and dance movement therapy as psychosocial rehabilitation for survivors of human trafficking and violence across India. 

For youth who have endured trafficking or sexual violence, broader access to mental and emotional healing is urgently needed. This participatory project was created with dance therapy practitioners, many of whom are violence survivors. Through tenacity, creativity and compassion, they are improving access to mental health and wellbeing through movement for the most vulnerable in India and across South East Asia.

Blending documentary footage, interviews, improvisation and choreography crafted from themes of gender inequality that have touched the dancers’ lives, the project is a platform for their visceral stories and unique anti-violence advocacy, allowing new audiences to learn about their work and importantly, about the power of dance as a resource for social justice.