Everybody Dance Now!

New York / Chicago / Santa Barbara / Houston / Inland Empire / Portland


Using dance culture to inspire, educate, and build community. Everybody Dance Now! is a national nonprofit organization that provides weekly hip hop and street dance programming to young people throughout the country who would otherwise not have access to such opportunities.

EDN! utilizes the popularity and cultural history of hip hop to engage a broad, diverse audience and close the opportunity and achievement gaps that disproportionately impact quality of life for low-income residents and communities of color.

We promote equity, empowerment and healing through arts and learning. Through our year-long program, we address risk factors in the lives of underserved youth; contribute to the growth and diversification of the arts and entertainment economy; and help increase school engagement and career success for youth of low-income communities.

What’s the impact?


C. ultivate self-esteem

R. espect their bodies and establish healthy lifestyles

E. xpress themselves and channel energy through creative alternatives

A. chieve goals and maintain a positive attitude through challenges

T. ake part in consistent programming that promotes friendship and a sense of belonging

E. xpand their perspectives through community service and cultural learning

Over 18,000 youth served, over 350 hours of free classes provided each month, over 3,300 youth served annually.


Classes are held weekly in locations across the United States. Classes combine the vocabulary and history of hip-hop movement with social and emotional learning principles.


Accepts volunteers. For more information, visit here.