New York, NY


Gibney, founded in 1991, is a trailblazing organization whose mission is to bring the possibility of movement where it otherwise would not exist. Learn more about our evolution from a small socially active dance company to a two-location performing arts and social justice powerhouse.


Gibney offers a plethora of free movement workshops to individuals seeking healthier lives. Youth programs such as Hands Are For Holding and MOVE(NYC), community action residencies to organizations across the globe, training for artists seeking a path in activism, plus advocacy and positions for artistic residency at Gibney.

Gibney Dance Community Action offers over 365 free movement workshops annually to individuals and families who are on journeys on to healthier futures. Community Action programs also include:

HANDS ARE FOR HOLDING- Hands are for Holding is a school-based assembly program that uses dance to address bullying, equity, and choice in everyday interactions.

MOVE(NYC)- MOVE(NYC) is a multi-pillared, tuition-free, arts organization whose primary focus is to cultivate greater diversity and equity within the dance world and beyond.


Interested in volunteering, contact: