Move this World

New York / Baltimore / DC


Move this World is a platform for social emotional learning to be used in academic settings to promote expression and empathy in children.


Move This World (MTW) helps students and educators in classrooms across the country understand, express and manage their emotions healthily in order to create safe and supportive environments where effective teaching and learning can occur.

Move This World (MTW) is a social emotional learning program that provides multimedia content for districts, schools and teachers to develop social skills and strengthen emotional intelligence within PreK through high school students. The program is hosted on Move This World’s online platform, which is easily accessible through the Move This World website. The course and integrated resources are available to teachers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That means constant access to Move This World’s platform, including: educational videos, social emotional learning resource library, interactive discussion boards, and a designated educational wellbeing consultant.


Does not accept volunteers.