Artistic Ensemble

San Francisco, California, USA


The Artistic Ensemble is a dance collective comprised of men in the prison system combined with outside members based at the San Quentin Prison. Their mission is to create work within a hierarchical system while striving to realize humanity and equality.


Performance ensemble and promoter of social justice. The Artistic Ensemble is a troupe of 16 diverse men in prison working with 5 outside members. In our explorations to discover how we can reach the public, we also discover more about what it means to be human by connecting with each other. Our creative process is dialogic. Together we explore social inequalities with language, sound, and movement.

It is through the collaborative effort between outside Artistic Ensemble members and incarcerated Artistic Ensemble members, that we take constraints and boundaries and turn them into tools of liberation: art, dialogues, confrontation. Our stories cannot be properly told without the echoes of our voices, you cannot picture our world unless we are behind the camera.

There is nothing about us, without us.


Does not accept volunteers.