Anno's Africa

Regional - Sub Saharan Africa


A charity dedicated to providing children art education and opportunity in some of the poorest slums in Sub Saharan Africa.


Anno's Africa operates through workshops and classes in collaboration with existing charities, Anno’s Africa offers a dance education to 1,700 children. “Ballet in the Slums” is among the dance projects Anno’s Africa provides to children.

Their aim is to provide many benefits for the children who participate in the project, namely:-.        

  • To teach practical crafts which will greatly enhance their chances of paid work in the future. with particularly talented children moving  on to Advanced Anno’s Africa workshops where they can learn more specific skills.                                                                                                                                
  • To push them to  explore their individual human potential and creativity in a much broader sense; who they are, what they think and believe, what they want for their futures. This raising of their self awareness and what they are capable of achieving  will impact on and enhance every aspect of their lives, giving them the confidence and self esteem  so that they can become young adults who can develop their own thoughts and beliefs and know how to be self-starting, ingenious and entrepreneurial.


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