A handful of organizations across the globe tap into the power of dance and movement to protect human rights and build more just societies.

Through dance they catalyze healing for survivors of trauma, promote free expression and confidence building for those who go unheard, raise awareness of gender-based violence and build transferable skills for attaining livelihoods and education.  

This life changing work is visceral, raw and engaging; we attempt to capture these qualities and share the stories of dance activists and change makers through a series of vivid dance-documentary films. 




  • Identify and reach out to potential partners 
  • Raise capital for the project 
  • Conduct intensive, participatory workshops with partner organization staff, beneficiaries and dancers 
  • Through a series of choreographic workshops, generate the choreography to be used in the film
  • Film and move into post production of the piece 
  • Distribute the film through festivals, grassroots screenings, and workshops 


The films will be available to each partner organization, to be utilized in their ongoing fundraising efforts; we will help partners build communications strategies utilizing the film and other media. 

We will promote the organization through social networks to support visibility and sustainability. 

Each film and partner organization will be a special highlight in the next dance + social justice conference! 





To clarify and share the space of Dance + Social Justice while increasing visibility of the work already being done to positively affect lives, communities and societies around the world. 

We hope these films will bring more attention and support to the organizations and social issues they struggle against while inspiring more dancers and activists to become involved.