Free Body Project began in Portland, Oregon in 2012 as a way to raise local awareness of domestic sex trafficking and gender violence using dance as advocacy.

The project was initially composed of a city-wide dance and awareness raising campaign that mobilized over 100 local dancers to perform in various public spaces during the summer of 2013. The project also consisted of a weekly movement class for survivors in partnership with Janus Youth and Polaris Dance Theatre. Lastly, it encompassed the creation of a short, experimental dance documentary film which was the beginning of the current series. 

The Free Body Film was created as a statement of solidarity between dancers and anti-trafficking activists in Portland, Oregon and the dancers and activists of Kolkata Sanved working against trafficking and violence in Kolkata, India after Free Body Project Founder, Sydney Skov spent 6 months volunteering with the organization in 2011. 

Free Body Project recognizes dance as an expression of human rights, particularly bodily freedom, movement and expression.