Do I need to be a "dancer" to attend the conference? 

If you're a human with a body and like fascinating ideas, you should be there.

We all use our bodies to move and express. If you're curious about how dance connects to human rights and social justice or you're excited about the idea that the body, creativity, and dance are related to peace, justice, and freedom, then you should be here. If you like to move, you should be there. If you want to meet inspiring movers and shakers in an intimate setting, you should be there. If you're a proponent of human rights, you should be there. 

Why does the event focus on many social justice issues instead of only one? 

This growing field of dance and social justice is so fascinating in part because the individuals and organizations doing this work around the world are using different styles of movement, working with different populations of people of various experiences and backgrounds, and are confronting different problems and issues. We've highlighted a bunch of founders on our blog. 

I have yet to know of two organizations that do exactly the same thing so, in an effort to learn as much about the field as possible, we focus on inviting speakers that represent a range of experiences and disciplines to shed light on how and why dance is important in making positive impacts. 

What's going on during the experiential session? 

The experiential session is a series of three movement workshops with three different instructors. Each instructor has a different approach to movement and will guide us through a 1 hour session, followed by a 15 minute break.

Every session is designed to be accessible to anyone and everyone.  You will get to hear these three movers speak about their work during the speaker series later in the conference:

Heidi Latsky, Fatu Gayflor, and Yasemin Ozumerzifon


What will the speaker series be like?

The Speaker Series is like a TED talk for practitioners of dance + social justice as well as creative thinkers, development practitioners and peace builders. We will hear their stories, share inspiring ideas, and meet the creative minds behind this field.  

Do you need volunteers? 

Yes! If you would like to lend a hand at the event and attend free of charge, please email Sydney Skov at 


Why is there a ticket price? 

This is the first year we are charging for the Dance + Social Justice Conference. There is a ticket price in order to make this a sustainable event that can grow each year! Tickets also help us pay it forward to some incredible organizations pioneering dance and social justice work. This year we are donating 10% of the proceeds to the nonprofit, Kolkata Sanved. 

Can I learn more about Kolkata Sanved? 

Kolkata Sanved uses dance and dance therapy as psychosocial rehabilitation for survivors of human trafficking and violence in Kolkata, India and across South Asia. Learn more about their inspiring work here and learn more about the dance + documentary film FREE BODY PROJECT is creating in collaboration with the dance therapy practitioners of Kolkata Sanved, From There to Here.