Elizabeth Rona

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Elizabeth Rona, L.M.F.T., S.E.P., is a multilingual, cross-cultural expert specializing in the effects of cultural factors on psychological well-being—traversing the worlds of religion, politics, national identity, and socioeconomics. Her work as a traumatologist spans three decades and is rooted in body-oriented neuroscience that addresses the epigenetics in trauma and C-PTSD and the habitual patterns that result in stress, addictions, depression, physical pain, and emotional and mental distress.

Lisi is guided by decades of meditation, a life-long practice of yoga and dance, including Afro-Latin Jazz and 5 Rhythms Dance. She practices Aikido and Qi Gong and is a passionate bicyclist, photographer, and gardener. She was born in Santiago, Chile and is fluent in Spanish, German and English.

“As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in traumatology, I am an advocate for what is right with you. When we suffer, we narrow the totality of our experience to what is not right. Part of the healing process is to find safety in the present moment to dive into both what is and what is not working.”